Sunday, April 14, 2013

Current Project: The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield on Wattpad!

Hey everyone!

Wondering what's been keeping me busy? I've been working on a practice-serial on Wattpad. Something to keep me busy, creative and writing...

Check it out here: The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield


Eighteen-year-old Charlotte Samuels thought she'd be stuck waiting tables at Marlow's until her father's debts are paid off—in about ten thousand years or so.

She definitely didn't expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was blackmailed by his father to make her his wife if he didn't want his least favorite cousin to run Maxfield Industries.

Charlotte's instinct was to say HELL NO! but she's stumped by a few obstacles:

1.) His old man Martin Maxfield is dear to her heart and recently told her that he's got a year or so left to live.

2.) She gets a million dollars if she stays married to Brandon for a year.

3.) She would rather like the opportunity to teach the attractive but awfully rude man a few lessons he didn't think he needed from a 'teenage gold-digger' which was his term of endearment for her on their first date—er, business meeting.

So what's a girl got to do, right?

Sure, she was young and a little rough around the edges but there was something her would-be husband didn't know about her yet—she's nothing like he ever expected.


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