Saturday, June 15, 2013

Never Too Late For An Update


It's been exactly two months since I last dropped by in here.

The last two months have been a little crazy—in-laws visit, keeping up with my Wattpad stories, responding to tons of comments and messages from my readers and doing my best to edit Virtue and Vice.

I've also been weighing my options about publishing.

It's very difficult to find a quick and successful route to traditional publishing. Nowadays, it almost seems that publishers want to see your book show potential to make money first before they would even look at it. It's a business—making money is one of the primary goals. I totally understand.

This brings me to the concept of self-publishing.

Most of the work is going to be yours—editing, publishing, marketing, etc. The expenses too. But it gives you the opportunity to get it out there and gain an online presence and build readership. Maybe then, once it's good enough, publishers will actually pay attention to it.

It's almost simpler when I was just writing for my own enjoyment and I was my only reader.

Now that a world of possibilities and immense support from my readers have opened and surged in, I can't help but think, what if I can do more?

Anyway, this is what will mostly be on my mind in the next little while.

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