Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Project: When Stars Burn

This is a story I've started working on mid-February. It's mostly under wraps—at least until I get a better hang of the plot. This is in the New Adult genre and quite frankly, a bit different from my usual kind of story.

When Stars Burn

“We think the stars glorious as they brighten the night sky. Do we ever remember that they are burning?”


Star Matthews knows what she wants in life—everything that her current one isn’t.

She made tough decisions to get to where she is now and the last thing she wants is the beautiful complication that is Julian Wilde—Prescott University’s most notorious playboy who just happened to be proving his reputation to her roommate when Star first met him.

Thrown together every day in close proximity, Star fights her distracting attraction to Julian who insists there’s more to her than what she shows the world, and that he wants it—all of it—the good, the bad, the beautiful and the broken.

When her sins come to light, proving she is no bright star after all, will Julian stand by her side or will he walk away before she can burn him heart and soul?

© Ninya Tippett. All rights reserved.