Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cheating: Deal-breaker or not?

So, I finally caught up on Hart of Dixie.

Last week couldn't have been any more leading but I had hoped I was very wrong.

Season 2, Episode 16: Wade admits he cheated on Zoe.

This in itself was a WTF moment for me because since day one, anyone with eyes could see that Bluebell's favorite playboy was smitten with the petite doctor. He had sooo wanted her for sooo long that for him to flip out like this and cap it with an indiscretion makes me ask so many questions.

I'm now pondering on the idea of cheating. 

Is it a total, absolute deal-breaker or not?

I would like to make the claim that I have never been cheated on. So few and particular were my past relationships that I'm hoping no one's going to pop over a message to me to make a correction. Anyway, the point is, I don't really know what I would do because I've never been in that situation.

It's hard for me to process the fact that one could get intimate with another person when you're very in love with another. Someone might tell me I'm a woman and sex is very emotionally-involved for us. I might be tempted to automatically agree but now I'm wondering if that's true or not.

I can't imagine being intimate with someone I don't love and there's never been more than one at a time so I don't know how you could do or not do it. Can you really get so drunk that you don't have the slightest idea that possibly going home with a girl or a guy who is not your official special someone isn't registering?

And maybe because I don't have the personal experience, I might possibly lack the wisdom to fully understand the issue. And maybe because of this, I've always been leaning towards it being an absolute deal-breaker. Ask my husband. I've made graphic descriptions enough times about how he's going to pay for it if he pulls one on me. LOL.

As for writing it into books, it's come up a lot as a major obstacle and it's always tricky to work it in a relationship that you mostly want to work but you have to break down a bit.

Zoe was so right when she said that Wade should have known that it was the one thing... (she trailed off here but we all know what she couldn't say...)


I adore Wade. 

I want to smack him on the head. 

I still want them together but will it ever be the same? 

No. I don't believe that things ever go back the same way after something like that. 

Question is, will it be better or worse?


Office Space!

So I gave up some precious time last night, sacrificing some writing and an episode of Hart of Dixie, to move my office space to another room in the house.

It's about time,  I think, because the other office just seemed too cramped, I couldn't sit back, relax and write away...

While this is nowhere near being done, this new space is still much better than the last.

But since this kept me up till midnight, I find myself draped over my desk this morning, yawning away... Can't win. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Endless Editing

Just when you think it's as perfect as it can get, there's more work to do.
I will have these books memorized before I'm through.?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick Review: Rush by Maya Banks


I have a thing for powerful men. Yeah. I do. 

I love this new series Maya Banks started. 

Book One of the Breathless Series

It's an easy and guilty read which will warm up your cheeks and get your blood flowing.

For one, I'm a sucker for the older-brother's-best-friend formula and this one hits the mark.

I love that Gabe isn't perfect in a lot of ways that alpha male leads usually are. I love that he screws up where it really matters because let's admit it, in real life, we're probably going to land smack on our face too when so much is at stake.

I like Mia because she contradicted what I expected from a girl propositioned like she was. She didn't make a big fuss and went after what she wanted. Sometimes, the saints drive me crazy in a story although I'm guilty of writing them up too once in a while.

I could say I wish there was a little bit less sex but this is a Maya Banks book and it's going to be steamy so if you're going to read it (which I strongly suggest you do), take a deep breath and go for it! 

I do wish the ending could've gone a little bit differently. I don't want to give away too much and just say that I'm not always one for big-gesture-big-audience type of scenes. I don't know why. Maybe just me being shy.

Anyway, I'm hooked into this series and I can't wait for Jace's story next!

A month away. Yay! =)

Quick Review: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire


Since the next instalment is due to come out in a month or two, I thought I'd say a little something about this book that really snagged my heart.

I read through books like I'm slurping down a drink and it takes a very special book for me to keep coming back to it over and over again.

Beautiful Disaster was an unexpected surprise. After reading a lot of YA books, it was starting to wear out on me but once I started this story, I couldn't put it down.

Abby herself is not a spectacular kind of person. It takes her a while in this story to surprise me and have me say, 'there you are!'. And while she's certainly unique in her talents, the character that steals the whole show is Travis.

Ah, Travis.

Some girls would love him. Some girls would hate him.

Some would say he's violent. Some would say he's just fierce.

I don't condone violence but showing it in a character to reveal his conflict is perfectly fine as long as it executes the idea. 

I love Travis. I'm not even into tattoos and all that but there is something about him that makes me want to smack him and cheer him on at the same time. It's exactly the kind of character that wins a reader in the end. You can't like everything the character does. You'll have to struggle with the other characters in understanding and accepting him.

Anyway, I won't reveal too much but PLEASE READ THIS BOOK.

It's been so many months since I first came upon it and I still sniffle and have tears in my eyes every time I tell someone to pick it up and bury their heads in it.

I can't wait for the second book. From what I understand, it's not really a sequel but more like Travis's side of the story. Whatever it is, I will read it.

Jamie McGuire did such a phenomenal job on this one.

The characters are relatable to some extent but they keep that is-this-guy/girl-for real kind of feeling about them...

Read it! You won't regret it. =)

Lords of Vice: Hunter's Story Out Tomorrow

This is coming out tomorrow and I'm snagging a copy!

I've been following the Lords of Vice Series for some time now. I love each instalment and I'm counting my way down until we get to Frost who is really the most intriguing character for me out of all of the Lords of Vice. But that means he'll be last. Damn!

But hey, I'm excited to read about Hunter. I haven't really seen him do anything too bad yet (not like Frost, anyway) but like all of the Lords of Vice, he's a determined bachelor except that he's been long promised to a lady and duty finally calls.

It's always so much fun reading about them.

Can't wait!

Welcome to the Writer's Pad!

Hello everyone!

Glad to see you here.

I just started this site so that there can be a meeting place for all lovers of the written word.

To the small group of people who have been faithfully following the books I've written even back in the day when they were written in a spiral notebook in pencil, this place will hopefully give you more the latest updates on the characters and stories you love.

I also wanted this to be somewhere where I can talk about not just the books I'm writing but the books I'm reading as well because I love a good recommendation before I delve into into a story.

Hope we can all hang out and talk here and always manage a good time... =)

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