Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Barrage of Updates

Hello everyone!

I know it's been forever since I've been here, thanks to some domain issues I wasn't technical enough to sort through.

The year 2015 has come and gone so we'll just start over in this new year where there are so many other exciting things to come!

Before we do, here are just some highlights from last year that might be worth checking out.

1. The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield on

I was so thrilled to be featured at one of the most popular magazine sites in the planet.

Check it out through the link here: TMMM on Cosmo

2. A Year of Short Stories

I was excited to work with several brands last year, creating short stories that take readers into different worlds. I know I'm notorious for lengthy books but I was surprised to realize that I enjoyed writing short stories. I used to write them a lot in high school and college when I was writing for the school paper but it's been a long time. There's something about highlighting a certain arch in a story and capturing the essence of the tale in those few short chapters.

You can find them all through their links below!

At The Crossing inspired by the Nicholas Sparks's book and movie

Designs of Destiny inspired by the movie Age of Adaline

Pitching Happy inspired by the the Lays Wavy experience

The Home of a Heart inspired by the CIBC's efforts to bridge the financial needs of family and friends worldwide.
Kahit Nasaan Ka Man is its Tagalog version which had been fun to write!

3. New On-Going Story - When Stars Burn

I was so happy to have been able to start posting this story. Star is quite different from a lot of my female leads and her story reaches deeper into the shadows of our heart. I'm about halfway through this story and I hope to complete it by end of May.

Check it out through the link here: When Stars Burn

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