Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick Review: Rush by Maya Banks


I have a thing for powerful men. Yeah. I do. 

I love this new series Maya Banks started. 

Book One of the Breathless Series

It's an easy and guilty read which will warm up your cheeks and get your blood flowing.

For one, I'm a sucker for the older-brother's-best-friend formula and this one hits the mark.

I love that Gabe isn't perfect in a lot of ways that alpha male leads usually are. I love that he screws up where it really matters because let's admit it, in real life, we're probably going to land smack on our face too when so much is at stake.

I like Mia because she contradicted what I expected from a girl propositioned like she was. She didn't make a big fuss and went after what she wanted. Sometimes, the saints drive me crazy in a story although I'm guilty of writing them up too once in a while.

I could say I wish there was a little bit less sex but this is a Maya Banks book and it's going to be steamy so if you're going to read it (which I strongly suggest you do), take a deep breath and go for it! 

I do wish the ending could've gone a little bit differently. I don't want to give away too much and just say that I'm not always one for big-gesture-big-audience type of scenes. I don't know why. Maybe just me being shy.

Anyway, I'm hooked into this series and I can't wait for Jace's story next!

A month away. Yay! =)

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