Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crossing Story Worlds

Finally, I'm getting back to writing.

It's was a very slow process. For a while, I wasn't even turning my computer on at all. It's very hard to stay in a story-world when your real life is changing and demanding all of your attention and effort at adjusting.

I have a much more regular schedule now so I can integrate my writing better into my schedule. Also, it's fall (yay!) and with the cooler temperature, I have less things to do outside, which means more time to dedicate to writing. Also, I can actually tolerate sitting in my office and writing comfortably without feeling like I was getting broiled in an oven.

Anyway, I've started on a new story that also occurs in Cobalt Bay. Since I've invested the time and imagination to build this city, I figured, I could use it again and again for a lot of my stories. It also allows me to occasionally re-introduce some characters you may have already run into in previous stories. This new story is slowly cooking in the back burner—I get to it whenever I feel like it.

I've slowly gotten back to writing TMMM. This one was originally set in a vague city in the east coast US but I eventually picked out Boston for it. This is practically on the other side of the country from Cobalt Bay but it doesn't mean that the stories couldn't overlap.

I've decided on having a few characters from the Cobalt Bay series drop in and run into Charlotte. It'd be very minor but this opens the door to maybe let Charlotte and Brandon pop in and say hello in some of the future Cobalt Bay stories.

I don't know if my readers will like it but I think it adds a dimension to the stories and give it a different sense of perspective you may have not had reading the other stories because they were told in first person.

Oh, well. We'll see how it turns out! =)


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