Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

With my office nearly all done, it's been easier to do more stuff online.

I posted the newest entry for Brandon's Notebook.

I got back to writing When Stars Burn.

I got to do a little bit of shopping.

I got to do a little bit of cooking.

All in all, a good weekend.

5-Minute Grilled Cinnamon Toast with Chocolate
Something I'd like to try one Sunday morning because it seems so simple but looks so darn good. Hubby would love it for sure.
Recipe from Half Baked Harvest can be found here.

Vince Camuto Fontanela Cut-out Cage Sandals
This year, I decided to be realistic and wear more flats especially in the summer. Flats are practical because I can wear them to after-work errands and drives. I've invested in a handful of new pairs but just when I thought I'd sworn off buying new high heels, I run into these lovelies. They are quite comfortable even at their height actually, as long as you buy the correct size so that your arches rest where they should. The leather is soft and fine and the cutouts look so seductive without going overboard. I like heels that make an elegant statement, not the other kind that invite all sorts of snide comments. This pair also comes in a white-gray snakeskin design but the black looks a lot fiercer.

Book Buys
Whenever I'm in a bookstore, chances are, I'm coming out with a book or two.
This week's book buys are:

  • K.A. Linde - Off The Record which is mostly about a college journalist caught in an affair with a young, charming state senator. It's starting a little slow so I haven't devoured it yet. 
  • Lauren Morrill - Meant To Be which is a YA debut about a strait-laced junior teaming up with her personal nemesis / class clown to discover her secret admirer. It's a staff pick and sounds like a lot of fun.
Sunday Casserole
I always find myself panicking about dinner on Sunday night so I'm sticking to making casseroles in the morning so I can to give myself the rest of the day. I also like making a big batch so we have enough leftovers for lunches. This is a new recipe with chicken, rice and mushrooms. 
Recipe from Simply Recipes can be found here.

Now, back to writing and watching YouTube videos. My life is simple. 


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