Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wattpad Writers Get to Shine!

This may be a small thing to others but this is phenomenal news for me.

An article in Entertainment Wise featured Anna Todd's skyrocketing journey from Wattpad-writing to publishing success. It also went on to list ten writers that are up and coming in Wattpad.

It's crazy to think about it, especially considering some of the names that are on the list, but I'm quite pleased to find myself listed. To think this was just me finding somewhere I could write more freely at first.

Wattpad in itself has grown to an incredible level—ripe with talents and opportunities and still very much evolving.

I just count myself lucky to be part of that circle.

If you want to check out that list, here you go: 10 Wattpad Writers That Could Be The Next Big Thing.

Congratulations to everyone on the list! =)


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