Monday, January 13, 2014

Fan Mail: Who Is Your Favorite Male Lead?

I've been getting lots of emails and messages asking me all kinds of questions. A lot of times, they're the same questions so I thought I'd post one here or there so that I can share it with anyone else interested to know. =)

Fan Question: Who is your favorite male lead out of the ones you've written?

Me: They really share a lot of similarities (you can pretty much figure out the kind of male lead I write if you've read one or two of my stories) but I must say that as much as I adore Brandon Maxfield (like any girl who wants a near-perfect guy), I'm still very drawn to Sebastian Vice.

Sebastian to me, is a perfect mix of a tortured soul, a domineering male, and an inner romantic. The guy quotes poetry by heart, for God's sakes.

Anyway, having written the prologue when he was just a boy, the meat of the story when he was a man at the crosspoint of his life where he could choose light over darkness, and the epilogue where we see the road he's gone down after making that leap, I feel like I know him better. He was really in a very dark place (dark enough that it turned what was supposed to be a sultry, summer read to an almost gothic romance) and I felt every bit of that pain, even as I was writing the story from Cassandra's point of view.

A lot of readers have mentioned he's quite flawed and he is and I don't apologize for any of that. He was supposed to make you fall in love but drive you up the wall (ahem, literally in our imagination, perhaps) and make you jump back and forth between rooting for him and swearing him off for good. I think I was able to feel all of that for Sebastian which really makes him a very full, very real character to me.

But who knows? There will be other characters in the future and you just never know who's going to walk out of those pages (or computer screens).

Hope that works!

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