Saturday, January 25, 2014

It Starts With A Plan

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Manifesto by Helping Writers Become Authors

People message me all the time asking how they should write their story and finish it.

For one, I'm not expert so I'm probably not the best person to ask. Two, we all go about it a different way because we are different people. How I do it might not necessarily work for you.

There is one thing that I think we can all agree on—we need a plan.

Yes, writing is an art and requires that perfect flow of creative juices.

I completely agree, but it's also a bigger than just your story or your book. Writing, for me anyway, always comes with the goal to put all those creative ideas in one neat precious package which will hopefully be multiplied by a large number and distributed to people who would read the story and delight in it. While I'm usually a happy audience of one, I do want to share the story.

With the digital age, publishing isn't always so traditional anymore. There are tons of successful self-publishing stories out there. Whichever route you want to take, this very helpful article from Helping Writers Become Authors will give you a simple breakdown of how to make the idea in your head into a story and then a book which will hopefully be on its quick way to getting published.

I believe in plans and the way they put things in perspective.

I like directions when I'm going somewhere so I have an idea of how long it'll take to get there, what will be required to make the journey, and hopefully don't get lost along the way.

Planning out your writing is no different. :)


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